D'Oxford Columbus Pte Ltd
Our Mission is to help your employees to develop a working understanding of Workplace health safety standards, local laws, safe work practices and Risk management

D’Oxford Columbus is MOM approved training provider and we have a list of experience Industrial trainers and we have conducted our workplace health & Safety courses and skill training programs in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Our objective for setting up D’Oxford Columbus pte ltd is to improve the safe work operational practice and the knowledge within the industry by conducting proper training and re-training the workforce. D’oxford Columbus strongly support the life long learning and re-training concept and encourage the work force to develop new skills to enhance their employability

In conjunction of WSHC & Ministry of Manpower (MOM), on their strategic to achieve for 2018 vision, D’Oxford Columbus fully support our nation vision and also our aims to synergies the efforts and resources of all stakeholders here to achieve the vision of "A safe and healthy workplace for everyone “ and a country to be renowned for best practices in workplace safety & health in Asia

Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is not only an important human resources issue, it's the law. Whether they're entry-level workers, seasoned veterans, supervisors, or plant managers, your employees need to understand health and safety risks, the steps they need to take to minimize those risks, and common safety standards and to compliance safe work procedures.

We highly recommend the Workplace safety training programs to general workers, machine operators, those working on height personnel, and anyone handling hazardous chemicals or materials.

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